Curriculum Development And Enhancement Grants (Transforming The Learning Environment Grants)

The Department of Sociology will provide grants to faculty to develop new courses, overhaul existing courses, or to enhance current courses. Grants will normally be in the range of $500 to $1000.

Funds may be used to purchase books, videos for a departmental video library, and other course materials; provide experiential learning opportunities; establish an undergraduate research symposium; provide field trip opportunities; and to provide travel funds for guest speakers.

Faculty wishing to request a grant should submit a brief proposal describing the proposed use and impact of the funds. A budget indicating funding request and use of the funds should be included. The proposal should also indicate if this is a one-time request or if the funds will be needed on a recurring basis (e.g., for a field trip for the class each time it's taught).

Proposals will be reviewed by the Executive Committee twice per year and should be submitted to the Administrator by November 1 or April 1 to be considered for each cycle.

This initiative is being funded from Extension Credit Fees, Evening Degree Fees, Non-matriculated student fees, and/or the Schrag Discretionary fund.