Administration Office

Hours and Location

The Department of Sociology's Adminstration Office is in SAV 211. Its hours are M-F, 8am - 5pm.


Mailboxes for faculty and staff are located in the Administration Office. Graduate student mailboxes are located in Savery 249.

Boxes for outgoing campus and regular mail are labeled on the mailbox slots which can be found on the right-most section of the mailboxes. Mailing supplies can be found in the supply area. Express mail envelopes are located in the supplies room, and labels can be obtained from staff in the Admin Office.

The Department will pay postage for mailing:

  • Manuscripts
  • Letters of recommendation for students
  • Grant proposals
  • Promotion and tenure review material
  • Manuscripts and books requested (by other institutions)
  • Mail forwarding of 1st class only
  • Mail forwarding of journals and books

Please help the Department keep costs down by using regular mail and choosing email over postage as often as possible. The less we spend here, the more we have for other pursuits.

Further information on mailing procedures and services can be found here.

Office Supplies

Standard office supplies are available in the Admin Office (stock is also available in room 207). Requests for special or non-standard items may be accommodated, within reason and in exceptional circumstances.

Supplies are provided to graduate students for instructional needs and purposes only.

If you have questions about supplies please see the staff in the Admin Office.


Photocopying is a large part of our operating expense, please be conservative.

Copying for instructional purposes should be done on the course code. Graduate students should ONLY be copying materials related to their instructional responsibilities.

Each faculty member also has a copy code for his or her research; however, please be sure to use the course code for instructional copies.

If you have a significant number of handouts, please consider alternatives, such as making them available through the copy center for students to purchase, putting packets in the libraries for students to copy at one of the local copy centers, or posting the materials on your website. Regardless of where you publish materials or make copies available, please observe the copyright laws.

Note that any copying done by staff will be in compliance with the copyright regulations.

If you have trouble with the photocopy machine, please notify the staff immediately.

Lost and Found

There is an area designated for found items in the Admin Office. Custodial Services takes valuable found items to the University Police, while other items are taken to the Lost and Found Counter in the Student Union Building (HUB).


The Admin Office issues keys to you for your office. The front desk has a set of master keys to loan you for very short periods of time (10 minutes max). Please report lost or stolen keys as soon as you notice their absence. If you are not able to locate your keys for more than twenty-four hours, we can issue another set to you until you locate your old set.