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Michele Cadigan, sociology graduate student, explains how to create a legal market for cannabis without increasing police budgets. Featured on Vice 
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Oregon has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of any drug, and there’s a push in Washington to do the same. But what effect will that really have on arrests, prosecution, and the fight against the War on Drugs? Temper your expectations, says University of Washington sociology and law professor Katherine Beckett.... Read more
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Annie McGlynn-Wright, who received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Washington in 2019, explains the results of a new study she worked on exploring the consequences of early interactions between police and Black youth. Robert Crutchfield, a professor emeritus of the UW Sociology department, was also involved in the study. The results of the UW study, which was published in late... Read more
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The 2020 census has been subject to court fights, shifting deadlines and pandemic-related process adjustments. Sara Curran, director of the UW Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology, explains the developments with this year’s count. Featured on UW News 
In this lecture and follow-up conversation, distinguished teaching awardee and Professor of sociology Alexes Harris shares her research into how people’s interactions with institutions — like the criminal justice system — shape the outcomes of people’s lives. She delves into how those outcomes are different based on a person’s race and ethnicity, gender, income bracket and other identities people... Read more
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Early in the pandemic, the lives of students and teachers alike were altered in previously unimaginable ways. We went into ‘lockdown,’ courses became remote, and we had to rely on Zoom to meet and hold classes.   Rather than just recycling pre-pandemic material in a new format, several Sociology department instructors went beyond switching to online teaching:  they transformed their courses so... Read more
Alexes Harris, professor of sociology at the UW, weighs in on the divide between police and communities of color and what she says are the best ways to fix it. Featured on King5 News 
portrait of Patricia Louie
Patricia Louie joined us this summer as a new Assistant Professor of Sociology. Pat received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto, where she specialized in the study of health disparities. Just before she arrived in Seattle, Pat was quoted in The Washington Post... Read more
Muslim woman holding an American flag and raising her hand to take the citizenship oath
Professor Steve Pfaff published an op-ed in The Washington Post on September 11 that details the results of his recent audit study about religious discrimination in US public schools. Pfaff's research was designed to measure whether... Read more
doorway of an apartment building in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood
Graduate student Ian Kennedy has published a paper in Social Forces that takes a closer look at how rental ads may contribute to continuing Seattle's long history of residential segregation. The study was co-authored by alum Chris Hess (PhD 2019), Amandalynne Paullada and Sarah Chasins.... Read more