Tips for Uploading Documents

Unless otherwise noted, all application materials should be submitted in a readable format through the MyGrad online application system. In addition, your letter writers will submit their recommendations through this system as well. 

If you are having trouble getting the uploads to work, here are some tricks that might help.  Of course you can always get in touch with us ( if you are having trouble.

  • File Size Matters:  Each upload has a maximum file size that the system can accept.  Check to see if your file size is bigger than allowed, and reduce the file size if necessary (more on this below).
  • Document Extensions:  When you are uploading, make sure whatever file you are uploading includes the entire file name including the file name extension (.pdf or .doc for example).  Without this when we go to look at the document, our systems do not know what software to use to open the file, virtually making it unreadable.
  • Browsers:  If the file you are uploading is smaller than the maximum allowed for that particular upload, try using a different browser (e.g., if you were using Firefox, try using Explorer).
  • Reducing The Size of Scanned Files:
    • Tell your scanner to scan the pages as documents and not images.
    • Scan in black and white (not color).
    • Have your scanner save the file as a PDF.
    • Try scanning without a background.  Or you can try removing the background from within the PDF file through the Acrobat software.
    • Transcripts: With these it is particularly helpful to apply all the above tips, especially scanning as documents (a .pdf or a .doc), and not as images.  Scan each transcript as a separate file.

If even trying all of the above you are still unable to complete the upload, contact the Graduate Program Advisor at for assistance.