Summary of Credits and Requirements for Sociology MA plus Ph.D.

This is a summary of the required credits and other requirements, instituted as of Spring 2017, for the student achieving both the MA, and the Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Washington.  This applies to the 2014 and later cohorts.  (Option for earlier cohorts.  If in an earlier cohort, check with the Graduate Program Advisor about your individual plan as stated in your transition plan.)

Credit Requirements for the Sociology Masters Degree:

A. 19 Required Course Credits (15 graded, 4 non-graded):
                      Course  Graded Non-Graded           
Theory SOC 510 3  
Methods SOC 508 (428) 3  
Methods SOC 504 (424) 3  
Methods SOC 505 (425) 3  
Methods SOC 506 (426) 3  
Proseminar SOC 501   1
Proseminar SOC 501   1
Proseminar SOC 501   1
TA Preparation & Conference GRDSCH 501   1


18 Elective Credits (15 graded, 3 can be non-graded, minimum of 12 graded credits must be in Sociology):
(Usually 6 courses of 3 credits each; Sociology classes also counts towards the 4 graded Sociology electives in the Ph.D. Requirement.)


  Graded Non-Graded    
Graded Credits 15 min.  
Can Be Non-Graded Credits   3 max.
C. 9 Thesis Credits (SOC 700)
You need a minimum of 9 credis of SOC 700.  You may take more credits, however the department will count 9 towards your MA degree.  Additional credits will simply be extra credits, not counting towards the degree.
Total Credits Required for the UW MA degree (A + B + C) 46
Additional requirements for the MA Degree:

Additional Requirements for the Sociology Ph.D. Degree:


Complete Ph.D. minimum of 4 graded Sociology Elective Courses, beyond the required first year courses:

  • Courses taken as electives for MA count towards this requirement
  • TWO of these 4 courses may be included in your Ph.D. Training Plan
  • Minimum of 12 credits

Ph.D. Training Plan (approved by advisor, submitted to GPC):

Set of 4 methods / skills / knowledge courses plus written rationale.

Focused on particular advanced methodological skills (broadly defined) or knowledge necessary to undertake your planned dissertations.  Courses should be somewhat distinct from the topic of your comprehensive exam.

  • 2 of these 4 courses may be applied towards the minimum 4 graded Sociology Electives listed as requirement D above.
F. Pass a Comprehensive Exam
G. Minimum of 27 Required Dissertation Credits (SOC 800)  
H. Pass a General Exam (prospectus defense)

Pass a Final Exam, Complete All Edits, and Submit Final Dissertation

Submit final, approved dissertation and abstract copies, and any other required paperwork to the Department and to the Graduate School.  See relevant pages on web site for specific guidelines.

J. Credit totals for MA plus Ph.D.:
  • Minimum 33 graded credits total (with a minimum of 4 graded Sociology elective classes, plus the Plan of Study with crossover of 2 SOC elective courses fulfilling parts of both requirements allowed)
  • Minimum 12 graded elective credits in Sociology counting towards the 4 SOC Electives class requirement
  • Note: If student wishes to teach a solo class, SOC 502, or equivalent course named by the department, must be taken prior to instructing own class.
Total additional credits (post MA requirements fulfillment) for the UW Ph.D. degree (D + E + G +J) 44

Additional requirements for the Ph.D. degree: