Submitting Graduate Student Paperwork Electronically

Submit paperwork or forms to
Submit as a single PDF unless otherwise instructed

Submitting Your Materials

Step 1: Prepare materials to submit to the Graduate Program Advisor (GPA)

  • If submitting a form, download it to your computer; save it as a new file.  Include your last name in the new file name.  Fill out the form and save the new file.
  • If your submission is in multiple files, combine them into a single PDF file, unless the instructions for an award specify submitting individual files. (If you don't have the technical capacity combine multiple files, submit as individual files.)
  • Faculty Approval Signatures:
    • If getting physical signatures, make sure those are clearly visible on your submitted documents.
    • If getting e-mail signatures, on the line(s) for faculty signature(s), add "See Attached Email." 
  • GPA will secure the Graduate Program Director / Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) signature if needed.  Don't bother with that line.
Step 2: Obtain faculty signatures:

If you have obtained physical signatures, you can skip this and go to the next step. If you are getting emails in lieu of signatures, send your form and and any necessary/supporting documents to the faculty involved, as attachments, and ask them to approve your paperwork via email back to you, from their UW email account.

  • Make sure independent study/registration forms have the number of credits on it, and the correct quarter listed.
  • Faculty can approve by replying to you from their UW email.
  • The approval email from faculty does not need to include the attachments (documents) so long as they are replying from their UW email, to your original email, and you can send the entire string of this approval process set of emails to the GPA.
  • You do not need to cc the GPA on this email, however if your faculty person isn't responding in a timely manner, forward your email to, with attachments, and ask for the GPA's assistance in obtaining approval.
Step 3: Add faculty approval emails to your documents
  • PDF, Print, Save, Copy, or Add all approval emails to your document.
  • Include the entire string of the email not just their reply please so that the attachment(s) are clearly noted in the email from when you originally sent your request.
  • Add the PDFs of these approval emails into your document(s), put it where it is logical.  This might be right behind the cover page or form.  Or it might be at the end of the document.

Step 4: Submit your form/documents to the GPA with approvals from your faculty to

Step 5: Wait for an email from the GPA once your documents have been received and/or fully processed