Special Programs at UW Sociology

UW Sociology is fortunate to be able to offer its undergraduates several different special programs that give students a chance to go beyond the core classroom curriculum. In addition to helping students get more out of their time as a UW undergraduate, participating in these programs also often provides students with the sorts of real-world knowledge, experience, skills, and connections that are so important to succeeding in today's job market.

Sociology Practica: Internships, Teaching, and On-site Research

“What do I do with a degree in sociology?” is a common question students ask. Many sociology majors try to answer this question by searching for internships in the hopes of gaining career training. While some internships provide great career training, many are disconnected from sociological study. In contrast, SOC 494 Practica courses immerse students in sociological projects that help meet the goals of local businesses and organizations. Students leave each practicum with new connections in the community, developed skills-sets, and a deepened understanding of sociological inquiry and study.

Independent Undergraduate Research

Independent research in sociology allows students to work closely with faculty on current faculty research projects or on student and faculty designed projects. Similar to internships, independent research can be a valuable part of the undergraduate program, providing experience critical to future employment and graduate work. Students may also receive 2-5 credits through SOC 499.