Sociology of Culture, Organizations, Politics and Economics Seminar

About The Seminar

The Sociology of Culture, Organizations, Politics, and Economics Seminar brings together faculty and graduate students for a productive exchange of ideas and methods. In this spirit, the SCOPE seminar serves as a forum for the presentation of works in progress, research or conference papers, book chapters, and dissertation proposals.

Standard Format: Papers are distributed in advance of the seminar, and a faculty member and a graduate student are designated as discussants. At the seminar, the author or authors introduce the work and give a brief talk about their research. The two discussants then each provide commentary, to which authors are invited to respond. The floor is subsequently opened for general discussion.

Seminars typically meet every other Friday from 3:30 - 5 pm, Savery Hall, Room 409.  Graduate students and faculty from all disciplines are invited to attend.  Light food and drink are provided.

For more information about the current SCOPES line-up of speakers and events, please visit the seminar blog.

For more information: contact seminar organizer Michelle O'Brien