The Political Consequences of Contemporary Immigration 

Eger, Maureen A., and Andrea Bohman. 2016. “The political consequences of contemporary immigration.” Sociology Compass 10(10): 877–892.

This article synthesizes research on political outcomes associated with increasing immigration, with an emphasis on crossnational studies of European countries, where immigration is a relatively newer phenomenon compared to the United States and other tradi- tional immigrant destinations. We begin with explanations of and research on antiimmigrant sentiment, not a political phenomenon in itself but considered an important precursor to other relevant political attitudes. Next, we review scholarship on the relationship between immigration and support for the welfare state, as well as exclusionary attitudes regarding immigrants' rights to welfare bene- fits. Then, we review research on immigration and political party preferences, in particular radical right parties, whose platforms often combine antiimmigration and welfare chauvinistic positions. We conclude by discussing how these processes may ultimately shape social policies, which may in turn influence immigration itself. 


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