Requirements for the MA In Sociology

To be eligible for the MA degree, students must:

  • Complete first-year required courses
  • Complete a minimum of 45 graduate level credits, including 30 graded credits at the 500-level or approved 400-level coursework
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.3
  • Write and defend a MA Thesis

Required first year courses (Theory and Methods):

  • GRDSCH 501, TA/RA Preparation and Conference (Autumn; 1 credit, CR/NC) (Perviously numbered GRDSCH 615)
  • SOC 510, Sociological theory (Autumn; 3 graded credits)
  • SOC 504, Social Statistics (Autumn; 3 graded credits)
  • SOC 508, Logic of Social Inquiry (Winter; 3 graded credits)
  • SOC 505, Social Statistics (Winter; 3 graded credits)
  • SOC 506, Methodology: Quantitative Techniques in Sociology (Spring; 3 graded credits)
  • Proseminar (SOC 501) 1 credit each quarter (3 ungraded credits total in first year)

Additional credits required for the MA degree:

  • 18 elective credits in 500-level and approved 400-level courses

    • At least 15 elective credits must be graded
    • At least 12 of the graded elective credits must be in sociology
  • 9 credits of SOC 700 (Thesis Hours)
  • Applying credits from Special Topics courses to graduation requirements (SOC 581 through SOC 590):
    • Up to 3 credits of a repeated, same content, Special Topics course (SOC 581 through SOC 590) can apply toward graduations requirements.
    • Additional repeated courses in which course number and course topic/title are the same may not be used to meet graduation requirements.
    • Multiple Special Topics courses may apply to graduation when course topics/titles are different.

Tools for tracking your progress toward degree:

We have put together a Master's Degree Checklist that outlines specific steps and procedures for completing your degree.

Additional summaries of requirements for the Sociology Graduate Program:

Degree Audit Spreadsheets for tracking MA and Ph.D. requirements:

  • Request your current degree audit by emailing the Graduate Program Advisor.  This process usually takes at least a few business days, unless your audit was very recently updated.  If you need it very urgently, please inform the GPA.
  • If you have an MA from outside of the UW Sociology Department that has been reviewed and approved to fulfill the MA Thesis requirement, it can be helpful to mention that in your email.

Approving 400-Level Courses:

400-level courses may count toward toward your degree if they are approved by the Graduate Program Coordinator and your Advisor.  Go here for the procedure for approving 400-level courses.