The Ph.D. Reading Committee

The Reading Committee is a subgroup of the Ph.D. Supervisory Committee, designated as the dissertation is nearing completion, that will read, approve, and sign the student's dissertation. The Reading Committee contains a minimum of three voting members of the Supervisory Committee, and is usually Chaired by the Chair of the Supervisory Committee.  The Graduate School Representative is not eligible to serve on the Reading Committee.  The dissertation is not considered approved until all members of the Reading Committee agree to sign. 

Appointing the Reading Committee

In consultation with his or her Supervisory Committee Chair, the student asks members of the Supervisory Committee if they are willing to serve on the Reading Committee. The student then emails the Graduate Program Advisor the proposed Reading Committee.  The Graduate Program Advisor will submit the names to the Graduate School; upon submission, the Graduate School will notify members of the Reading Committee, the student and the Graduate Program Advisor.