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Security and police try to prevent supporters from entering a homeless encampment as the camp's occupants await possible eviction by police after workers enclosed the area with a fence, at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto, June 22, 2021.
"As researchers of policing and homelessness, we have seen an unmistakable rise in homeless sweeps and encampment crackdowns since the late 1990s. This response to visible poverty results from a collision of forces, both in Canada and the United States: the decline of affordable housing and mental-health services, and local governments’ desires to revitalize business districts, boost tourism and... Read more
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Two elderly adults sitting on a bench and wheel chair, looking out over the water
A new study led by Michael Pearce and Adrian Raftery calculates the probability of living to at least age 110. These “supercentenarians” are rare, but their numbers may grow by the end of the century. Featured in UW News
Multiple coin boxes gathered together. In the middle is one large gold coin box, with coins only falling in the middle and largest box.
PhD student Mark Igra co-authored a paper on charitable giving and fundraising efforts during the pandemic. The paper, titled "Crowdfunding as a response to COVID-19: Increasing inequities at a time of crisis" shares evidence that most donation campaigns fail to raise much money (if any... Read more