Recent News

Professor Jake Rosenfeld received a section award at the August meeting of the American Sociological Association.  His article, co-written with Meredith Kleykamp, "Organized Labor and Racial Wage Inequality in the United States" (AJS 2012, volume 117, pp. 1460-1502) was named the 2013 winner of the Distinguished Scholarly Article Award from the Labor and Labor Movements section of the American... Read more
Professor Kyle Crowder was recently elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences.  Congratulations to Professor Crowder!   See note in UW Today.
Professor Becky Pettit has been invited to speak at the White House conference on Parental Incarceration organized by the American Bar Foundation. The event will be held on August 20, 2013.  View the American Bar Foundation Calendar item here.
Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Joseph Scott, working with historian Solomon Getahun, has completed an ethnographic study of the Seattle Ethiopian community, which started as a microcommunity in 1974 when two dozen Ethiopian college students were stranded by the revolution in their homeland.  The study includes background on the present community, detailing the geographic, demographic, social,... Read more
Graduation Ceremony 2013
Congratulations to all our newest Class of 2013 PhD Graduates!  Four were hooded in our formal graduation ceremony last night, plus two others have also completed their degrees. Completing in the class of 2013 are: Katie Corcoran Nika Kabiri Ashley McClure Loving David Pettinicchio Emi Tamaki Irina Voloshin We wish you the absolute best in your future endeavors!
Professor Quinn was recently elected to the council for the Comparative-Historical Sociology Section of ASA.  Link to the CHS Section at      
Pepper Schwartz is interviewed as part of an article on same-sex unions in this month's Atlantic.  Her path breaking work, with the late Philip Blumstein, on the American Couples project is highlighted, as well as more recent work and comment.  The Atlantic article titled "The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss" can be found at the link below.... Read more
Ursula Mosquiera appears in an article on the main UW webpage highlighting her work with our colleague,  Angelina Godoy (Associate Professor in the Jackson School of International Studies).  This project is part of the UW Center for Human Rights.  The program is working with human rights agencies in El Salvador to help Salvadoran citizens receive reparations for crimes committed during the civil... Read more
Leah O'Connor became a member of the Pacific Northwest Ballet at age 19 and has also been working on her degree at the UW. She will graduate as a Sociology major this June!   For the full story titled "Cap and Gown and Pointe Shoes" visit this link: Read more