Master's Degree Checklist

Consider printing this page (see widgets at bottom of page), and using it as a checklist, especially if you are approaching time to defend.  You can also turn this into a PDF if you prefer.

_____  Complete required coursework (usually during first year).

_____  Be thinking and talking with faculty/other grad students about:

  • Your thesis topic: your question; data you will use; human subjects issues
  • What faculty you would like to work with on your thesis

_____  Appoint the MA Chair (by Spring Qtr of 1st year).

  • To do this you turn in the appropriate form to the Graduate Program Advisor.

_____  Complete any remaining elective credits for the M.A.

_____  Propose thesis topic to M.A. Committee Chair.

_____  Appoint the MA Committee (Chair and Reader(s)).

  • To do this you turn in the appropriate form to the Graduate Program Advisor.

_____ Develop your MA Thesis:

  • Gather data, research, write thesis (register for a minimum of 9 credits of SOC 700 Thesis; these credits are usually spread over several quarters).
  • Meet regularly with Chair to go over drafts; show reader at least one draft before final.

In the quarter you expect to complete your thesis, there are things you must do in the department and related things you must do with the Graduate School:

Sociology Department: Graduate School:
_____  Request degree audit spreadsheet from the Graduate Program Assistant. _____  You must be registered for at least 2 credits in the quarter in which you expect to complete the MA.  Apply online for M.A. Degree.
_____  Complete steps on web page for Scheduling Your Defense. 
Schedule thesis defense with committee; reserve room.  Turn in the scheduling form to the Graduate Program Advisor.
_____  Review Graduate School Web sites on completion and submission process (includes formatting info.):
_____  Request degree in the Graduate School MyGrad online system.  Graduate Program Assistant will then produce paperwork for committee and give to Chair. _____  Make sure your Title Page is formatted specifically to the Graduate School requirements (see web site pages).
_____  Defend thesis; committee members sign exam paperwork and return to Graduate Program Advisor. _____  Once final edits are approved, obtain your “Master’s Supervisory Committee Approval Form” from the Graduate Program Assistant.
_____  Thesis fully edited and complete, follow the steps on Completing your MA Degree page
Important:  Have committee confirm via email to the Graduate Program Advisor that all edits are done and your Thesis is ready to submit to the Graduate School.
_____  Electronically submit Thesis via the ETD process to the Graduate School all items listed on Completing the MA Degree and the Graduate School checklist, including:
A) Fully edited and complete Thesis.
B) Master’s Supervisory Committee Approval Form.
_____  Submit materials listed on the Completing the MA Degree web page to the Graduate Program Assistant.
Must be completed by the end of the last day of the quarter Must be completed by the end of the last day of the quarter
Congratulations! You have completed your Master’s Degree!


Last Updated 08-25-2017