Graduate Student Travel Awards

Please Note:
The Graduate School has suspended their travel award program during the Covid19 crisis. 
During this time the Department will accept requests for conference registration fees. 
Anyone will further questions please contact Kate Stovel, cc Liz Collier.
Use the same form as is on this page for submitting requests, and please include presentation confirmation if you have it.

Presenting original research at professional conferences is an important component of graduate training.  To support graduate students' participation in conferences, some travel funds are available.  Generally, students in good academic standing who will present their own research at a significant professional conference are eligible for grants of up to $500 for domestic airfare once in a twenty-four month period.  Dissertation-level students may be eligible for an additional subsidy as they near the job market.


Currently the main source of funding for graduate student travel is the Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation.  Requests for subsidy from these funds must be made well in advance of travel:  specifically, submitted to the Graduate Program Advisor at least TWO WEEKS BEFORE the relevant Graduate School deadline (see deadlines below).  A request for support from GSFEI will then be submitted electronically to the Graduate School on your behalf.  Note that the GSFEI Funds up to $300 for domestic travel and $500 for international travel.  The Department will guarantee that this amount is topped up to $500.

All requests for travel funding should include the following information

  • Full citation for presentation, including co-authors (if any), name of conference, and date and location of conference (city/state/country)
  • Any other travel funds available
  • Date of last travel award received
  • Extenuating circumstances, if any
  • A Confirmation of Presentation: a PDF copy of the letter or email acceptance, or invitation to present

Submitting your request

  • Submit your paperwork to the GPA electronically only, submit by email attachment with your request
  • Use this form to submit your request
  • Submit this form in PDF format
  • Confirmation of Presentation:
    Include as a separate file or attached paperwork, a PDF copy of the letter or email acceptance, or invitation to present. 
    • If you have questions re the confirmation of presentation, contact the Graduate Program Advisor (GPA)
    • If you are not presenting your work, but rather have some other type of participation, contact the GPA regarding what kind of documentation to provide
  • Submit both your form and your confirmation of presentation to the Graduate Program Advisor
  • All materials must be submitted at least TWO WEEKS BEFORE the relevant Graduate School deadline (see deadlines below)

Requests not funded by the Graduate School

  • If the request is not funded by the Graduate School, the department's Executive Committee may recommend that it be funded with departmental funds.

Getting reimbursed after travelling

  • After travel is completed, requests for reimbursement of expenses should be submitted to the department's financial person Matthew Hawkins..

Graduate School Travel Award Deadlines

Note that requests must be submitted to the Graduate Program Advisor TWO WEEKS in advance of the Graduate School deadlines!  See the "Departmental Deadlines" column in the table below.  

Departmental Deadline Graduate School Deadline Funds Are for Travel in These Dates
May 15 June 1 Travel between July 1 and August 31
June 15 July 1 Travel between August 1 and September 30
July 15 August 1 Travel between September 1 and October 31
August 15 September 1 Travel between October 1 and November 30
September 15 October 1 Travel between November 1 and December 31
October 15 November 1 Travel between December 1 and January 31
November 15 December 1 Travel between January 1 and February 28/29
December 15 January 1 Travel between February 1 and March 31
January 15 February 1 Travel between March 1 and April 30
February 15 March 1 Travel between April 1 and May 31
March 15 April 1 Travel between May 1 and June 30
April 15 May 1 Travel between June 1 and July 31

Policy Approved December 2012
Last updated 5/23/2018 per changes in Graduate School / Fellowships Office procedures.