General Practicum Information


Time Commitment

Depending on the practicum project, timelines and time spent on site may vary. It's important to remember that projects are designed to meet the needs of both students and partnering organizations. Though it is technically a class, the practicum is structured as though you are working in the "real world"--because you will be.

In general, students must commit to the following:

  • Weekly seminar: 2-4 hours/week plus coursework designed to prepare students to execute sociology related projects;
  • On-site work at the partnering business or organization: minimum 25 hours/quarter

Special note for research practicums:

In a research practicum, everyone is expected to work together, as a research team, to accomplish the research goals. The instructor will act as a supervisor, guiding your work throughout the quarter. Ultimately, however, you as a class are responsible for the direction of this research and you will be expected to take quite a bit of initiative in order to solve problems and get things done.

When doing research, students should not expect a rigid timeline. By nature, practical reserach is not predictable; tasks may be more or less difficult to complete than originally anticipated, and sometimes initial findings might lead a researcher to generate new ways to answer the research question. Students will not necessarily know what work they will be expected to do from one week to the next. If you need structure, this class is probably not for you. If you need room to slack, this class is definitely not for you. Though the expectations are high, the rewards are also high if you are willing to put in the effort.


SOC 494 Practica credits are graded. They fulfill:

  • 5 sociology credits that can be applied toward the sociology major's advanced coursework requirement
  • 5 credits of Individuals and Societies (I&S)

Students may register for up to 2 different practica. Only 5 credits can be applied towards the upper-division coursework requirement.

 How to Register

Sociology Practica are open to all Sociology Majors in period I. No applications are required to register. During period III registration, classes may open to non-majors. To get on a waitlist, or for more information, contact

All practica are listed in the time schedule under SOC 494. There may be more than one practica listed with different names under diffferent section numbers. If the sections have the same name (such as the Practica in Education) that means that these are different sections only; the content in each section is exactly the same.