Frequently Asked Questions for Current Graduate Students

Is there a limit to the number of thesis/dissertation credits I can register for?

  • No. You need 9 thesis credits (SOC 700) and 27 dissertation credits (SOC 800) but there is no limit to the number you can register for.
  • The dissertation credits must be taken over at least three quarters.
  • Thesis credits over 9 credits do not apply to degree requirements; they are just excess credits.
  • Dissertation credits over 27 will apply to degree requirements.
  • Taking more than the required thesis/dissertation credits does not "hurt" you in the department...although excessive credits may be a sign that you are not making good progress.

I submitted a Master's Degree Request for last quarter but did not actually complete the degree. There is a hold on my financial aid because they say I didn't graduate. What do I do?

  • You must go to Financial Aid (105 Schmitz Hall). They have a form for you to fill out stating that you did not graduate. Note: the process is different for undergraduates so be sure they know you are a graduate student. Don't let them send you somewhere else!
  • Note: the financial aid in this situation is different from your TA/RA/Fellowship appointment.

I am taking undergraduate level language courses because I need them for my research. Do these credits count toward the minimum 10 credits of enrollment I need each quarter as a TA/RA? Do they count toward my degree?

  • All credits, undergraduate or graduate, count toward your 10 credit/quarter minimum.
  • Undergraduate credits at the 100-, 200-, and 300-level do not count toward your degree. This is a Graduate School rule. Approved 400-level courses can apply toward your degree. See below.
  • Please Note:  Financial Aid (outside of TA/RAships) now has some rules about this. If you carry financial aid, please check with the Office of Financial Aid to see if there are any issues. You may not be able to count undergraduate coursework towards the minimum 10 credit load.  Make sure to tell them you are a Graduate Student.  Rules for Graduate vs. Undergraduate students differ.

If I want to register for more than the minimum number of credits required to be a TA (or RA), how many credits in a quarter will the tuition waiver cover?

  • The tuition waiver for a 50% FTE academic student appointment covers through 18 credits. This is true during the academic year when the minimum number of credits for the appointment is 10 credits and during summer when the minimum number of credits is 2 credits.

There is a 400-level course that is very relevant to my graduate work. Can I take this class and have it apply toward my graduate degree?

Once I have gone on leave, can I end my on-leave status before my leave is expired?

  • Registering for any credits will immediately end your on-leave status. Once ended, you cannot go back on leave for that quarter if you are registered for even one day of a quarter.
  • For all the Graduate School rules about leave of absence, see Graduate School Memorandum No. 9.
  • Also see:  Leave of Absence