Forms for Current Graduate Students

While progressing through graduate school is primarily a scholarly endeavor, there is also a bureaucratic side to it.  This page provides quick links to many of the departmental forms you will need to get things done as a graduate student.  For more policy detail and instructions, consult specific pages in the Nitty Gritty Manual.

Appoint Advisors and Committees

Petition to Appoint the MA Chair or to Update Advisor
Petition to Appoint the MA Committee
Petition to Change the MA Committee
Petition to Appoint the Ph.D. Committee Chair
Petition to Appoint the Ph.D. Committee
Petition to Change the Ph.D. Committee

MA Related

Masters Thesis Defense Scheduling Form (Fillable PDF form if opened in Acrobat.)
Request for Review of Prior MA Degree from outside the UW Department of Sociology

Advancement to the Ph.D.

See the web page on Advancement to the Ph.D. Program.

Ph.D. Examinations

Comprehensive Exam Request Form - submit to the Graduate Program Advisor, along with any attachments

Other Ph.D. Program Forms

Narrative Overview of the Ph.D. Training Plan, please be sure to review.
Ph.D. Training Plan Form


Departmental Registration for Soc 600, 700, or 800 Credits
Apply for Support for Travel
Degree Audits: Request your current Degree audit by emailing the Graduate Program Advisor, Liz Collier.  This process usually takes at least a few business days, unless your audit was very recently updated.

Graduate School Forms and Procedures

Specific Graduate School Master's Degree Request Instructions and Deadlines

Many administrative functions are managed by the MyGrad system in the Graduate School. By logging onto MyGrad, you can:

Schedule a doctoral General or Final Exam
Request a Master's Degree
Submit a petition to the Dean
Review and update your dissertation title
Submit your thesis or dissertation electronically
Request and pay for graduate leave status
Request and pay for reinstatement to the graduate school