DocuSign Resources

DocuSign is a system that allows us to electronically sign forms and documents.  There are very specific rules for using Docusign.

All documents put into DocuSign MUST have previous approval by the legal team overseeing the use of DocuSign at the University of Washington. 

Contact Liz Collier <> if you have a form or document you would like to get into DocuSign for regular use.

As a result, nothing can be done with significant speed. 
You must plan ahead.

Important Note for People Electronically Signing DocuSign Documents:
Electronic signatures in this system have the same force and effect as written signatures.

Here are some resources for users:

Sociology DocuSign Administrator:  Liz Collier
Contact Liz if you have documents you want to request be put into DocuSign for regular use.

IT Connect DocuSign Training Hub:  Signer Essentials