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Application Deadline for Fall 2021 is December 1, 2020.

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Recruitment Weekend 2020:
Friday March 6 & Saturday March 7

NOTE:  Planning is still in progress. 
Schedule details will be finalized in the coming weeks. 
Please check back for details as they develop.
In-depth information re things like logistics, housing, travel, etc. are below.


Sociology Department Recruitment Weekend:
Events start first thing Friday morning and wrap up Saturday afternoon or early evening, so it is best to arrive in Seattle by Thursday and schedule flights/travel home late in the day on Saturday or Sunday morning. 

Here is the 2020 schedule: 2020 Recruitment Weekend Schedule.


Sociology Department Recruitment Weekend, March 6 - March 7, 2020:
To help our planning, please RSVP by filling out our online RSVP FORM (Click Here) regarding Attendance for Recruitment Weekend no later than February 25, 2020.  If you are requesting housing assistance, the RSVP form has spots for that as well.  (Details re housing, see "Accommodations" further down the page for instructions).

Travel Expense Reimbursements

We are pleased to be able to reimburse the cost of your travel to Seattle (i.e. airfare, bus, train, or mileage), up to a maximum of $300 for those who attend Recruitment Weekend.  We are unable to provide reimbursement for any visits outside of those dates. If your ticket costs less than $300, we will pay the cost of the ticket.  If your ticket is over $300, we will reimburse you the $300. 

We do not pay for the cost of travel from the airport or other arrival station to campus - just the cost of the ticket itself up to the $300 maximum.  Click here for details about reimbursement procedures. 

We generally have reimbursed airfare, train tickets, long-distance bus tickets, or mileage if you drive a significant distance.  We do not reimburse parking, taxis, local area buses, and other such items outside of actual travel to Seattle.

Accommodations in Seattle

We can likely arrange for you to stay with a current graduate student during your visit provided you make your request by the deadline.
If interested, request housing by filling out our online RSVP Form re accommodations no later than February 25, 2020.

Graduate Student Association President Michele Cadigan ( will coordinate housing. Once we get everyone assigned, she will contact you with the name and contact information of the person you will be staying with.

If you are bringing a spouse/partner/friend or just like more privacy, we highly recommend that you stay in a hotel. 
There is a significant possibility that we may not be able to find accommodations for two in a current student's home.  Here is a page on the UW site to help plan your trip and  transportation.  Hotels near campus may give UW visitor rates, it is worth asking.  The hotels easiest to walk from are the Pineapple hotel, and the University Inn. Other hotels also very near by are the Silver Cloud near the University Village Mall, and the Travelodge Seattle University across from the University Village Mall. You can also check out as well for a larger variety of locations including neighborhoods outside of the immediate campus vicinity.  Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse for accommodations.

Getting Here and Getting Around

The best deals on airfare are often found online with these web sites:

Here is a page on the UW site to help plan your trip and  transportation.

Getting to campus from the airport

There are a couple of very quick and reasonably priced ways to get from Sea-Tac Airport to the UW:

Link Light Rail: There is one rail-transit line in Seattle and it runs North to South between Sea-Tac and the University of Washington. Take the train all the way to the University of Washington / Husky Stadium station (the last stop) to get to the UW campus.  You can actually walk onto campus from there, but it is is a 20-25 minute walk from the station to to the upper campus/Savery Hall where Sociology is located.  If you prefer not to walk, you can either take a local bus to get to upper campus, or a Lyft or Uber.

At the airport, there are also options for Shuttle Express, or the Gray Line Airporter.

Seattle Metro Bus:
Try the Trip Planner on the Metro web site (enter from "Sea-Tac Airport" to "University of Washington HUB").
You can take any number of buses from downtown to the University as well; they are listed on the UW Commuter Services web site. Or you can always use Google Maps.

Requesting Reimbursement

Please submit this form for reimbursement. By submitting and signing appropriate documentation, we will be able to process your reimbursement more quickly.  Reimbursements will be processed after your attendance is confirmed at the event.  Please submit your documents on the form or email to Matthew Hawkins ( by Friday, March 5, by 4:00 pm.  Also note the information below:

Required Documentation:  Airline Tickets

If you are booking both an airline ticket and hotel through an online reservation company, be sure to print the receipt that shows the price of the airline ticket separate from the hotel. We cannot reimburse hotel fees (or food).

The Travel Office has strict rules about documentation. We will need your itinerary which documents the cost, departure and arrival airport, and departure and arrival dates.  This document also must show the price, and that the balance was paid in full. Typically, the confirmation email from the airlines will suffice. This email can be printed as a PDF and attached or forwarded to

Required Documentation:  Car, Bus, or Train

We can reimburse bus or train tickets and mileage (based on a UW Travel office formula) for visitors driving from other pacific NW Locations.  For bus or train tickets, we will need the receipt showing how much you paid and the departure/arrival information.

For International Visitors

Please make sure while on campus this weekend to check in with Liz Collier (  We have specific additional documentation we will need from you, including copies of certain travel documents and Passport/Visa pages that have to be taken while you are here for the weekend, and after you have entered the United States.

Additional Information


We provide food during many of our Recruitment Weekend Events.  At a minimum, you can expect lunch, and an informal reception on Friday, and coffee and donuts on Saturday.  To fill in the gaps, there are many inexpensive restaurants and stores nearby, and of course, coffee is everywhere. We cannot reimburse you for food. Please check the schedule for the event when released for the final specifics of meals we will provide.


UW maps site; you can also use Google Maps as it is integrated with UW’s campus maps.

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Main University Website:
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