SOC 374 A: Law And Society

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MW 9:30am - 11:20am
SMI 205
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The law touches our lives in many ways every day. The tuition you pay to attend school. Protests around the country in response to police officer violence against minorities. The phenomenon that is Trump versus Hillary. Pokemon Go. Virtually everything you do is regulated by the law or impacts the development of the law.

Law and society interact in ways that impact us even when we don’t realize it. This class will delve into these interactions and will discover how the law is the product of social, economic, political, and psychological forces. We will discuss the origin of law, its development, and the way it functions in society. This will be explored through various aspects of the law including dispute resolution, psychological and political influences on judicial decision making, criminal law, law and social control, international human rights, and law and racial inequality.

The course will incorporate many ways for you to learn and become engaged, in-cluding lecture, student discussion, short films, daily examples of current events, and more. Join us for an engaging quarter of study that will be relevant and impact-ful upon the way you understand your daily life and the society in which you live.

Catalog Description: 
Introduces major issues of the sociological foundations and implications of legal institutions; examines social life within legal institutions, the individual and collective justice, the malleability of precedent, and truth and the effects of inequality on legal outcomes. Encompasses legal practice and social science.
GE Requirements: 
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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