SOC 404 A: Sociology In Practice: Community/civic Internship Program

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Meeting Time: 
W 1:30pm - 3:20pm
MGH 085
Jennifer Branstad

Syllabus Description:


This course has two required components: 1) weekly seminar sessions (Wed. 1:30-3:20pm) and 2)  participation in an off-campus internship. 

The main objective of this course is to gain practice in applying sociological concepts and knowledge to your experience in the wider world. Through weekly internship experience, course readings and class discussions, we will think critically about work and work organizations from a sociological perspective. We will examine how work is organized and how we, as workers, fit within the system(s). Your experiences outside of the classroom will help us understand the material inside the classroom. Sociology 404 is a seminar-style class. This means that the majority of course time will be used to discuss the week’s readings and topics. We will also devote considerable time to talking about your internship experiences in relation to the material. 

Finding and Internship
This course requires participation in an off-campus internships. Students with a pre-existing internships are invited to self-enroll in the class. Internships can also be found the Career Center's HuskyJobs. In addition, the Career Center is hosting an Internship Fair on Thursday, February 18th.
Once enrolled, I will ask for information regarding your internship. If you have any questions on the types of internships that are acceptable, please contact me at  Students are expected to intern for a minimum of 24 hours throughout the quarter. 
Questions? Please contact Jennifer Branstad, the instructor for the course, at


Catalog Description: 
Combines real-world benefits of internships with critical reflections provided in a seminar. Students intern as local agencies and organizations, and may either come with their own internship or apply for specialized internships through the Sociology Department. Students may receive a maximum of 10 credits from SOC 402, SOC 403, SOC 404, and SOC 494.
GE Requirements: 
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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