Concentration in Social Statistics: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Concentration in Social Statistics as my Ph.D. Training Plan?

Yes the coursework taken for a Concentration in Social Statistics can also be used to fulfill a Ph.D. Training Plan.  In some cases, it is appropriate for a student's Ph.D. Training Plan to consist of four advanced courses in Social Statistics.  In such cases, the student may request a Concentration in Social Statistics using the same courses they completed for their Training Plan (plus CSSS 590).  The student should still submit the paperwork for the Ph.D. Training plan, and then separately submit the Concentration in Social Statistics form.

Can I complete a Concentration in Social Statistics in addition to my Ph.D. Training Plan?

Yes.  Any student who successfully completes four CSSS classes and takes one quarter of CSSS Seminar is eligible for a Letter of Recognition from CSSS - regardless of whether or not any or all of these courses are included in the student's Ph.D. Training Plan.

How do I signal my advanced training in quantitative methods on my CV?

There are lots of ways to signal your expertise and training on your CV.  If you would like to do so explicitly, you can add a line (after your education) called, 'Research Interests' and list your primary interests, including quantitative methods if you have completed the Concentration in Social Statistics.  An alternative is to create a section called, 'Specialization and Training.'  Here you could summarize the topic of your Comprehensive Exam, describe skills you acquired through your Ph.D. Training plan and indicate that you received a Letter of Recognition for advanced quantitative training in social statistics through the Center for Statistics and Social Sciences.

Remember that many graduate programs have training programs whose structure differs substantially from ours, so there is no way in which it will be viewed as 'odd' to list your interests and/or specialized training in this fashion.  You may find it helpful to browse on the web for examples of how people elsewhere represent their experiences.

I enrolled in a non-CSSS Section of a CSSS course.  Can I count this if I want to get a letter of recognition from CSSS?

Yes.  Successfully completing any course that is taught by or cross-listed by CSSS can count towards a CSSS letter of recognition.